A new year that promises changes

Hello all, between our last concert to Le Repère in November and today, there are some news!

First of all, the last concert of 2015 was also the last one of Laetitia in our company. We spent wonderful moments with her and hope that she will have known how to transport you the time of a concert.
It is now Chakir who will put his particular stamp on our compositions by bringing it his touches of his own.

La nouvelle composition du groupe

But that’s not all, we were selected for the first phase of the springboard Music City Tour !
That will take place in au camionneur, symbolic bar of Strasbourg, where we shall share the scene with 5 other groups. The concept is simple, two of six groups will be selected to pass in a second tour, one by the jury and the other one by the public. We count on you to come in large numbers to support us on Saturday, January 16th from 8:45 pm. For information, the other groups are:

  • Tedmo festival
  • Prokop and the alright
  • Acousmatic
  • The clockmakers
  • The hifi brothers

Great band for sure and a nice opportunity to see us in Strasbourg. On this matter, a presale is organized, thank you for contacting the to reserve your places (8€).

In the meantime, forget your good resolutions and come take a look on our Facebook page.
See you soon.

Next concert, november 13th at the Repère !

Hello everybody !

After our week of residence, we make an appointment with you on November 13th to Schirmeck, to the repère more exactly, for our last date of the year. This concert hall, not known enought, deserves amply a bigger audience to see the programming. Quality artists and recognized by the local and national level among whom Gregory Ott Trio, Christian et Tristan Decamps, Tedmo festival, The Rock Handrolled… And many others else.

With this, we shall find ourselves in 2016 with always more live, more fun(k) and more of you, public.

And as usual, don’t forget to follow us on our facebook page.


What’s new since August in the room 7th?

Work of composition, some cover for fun, some more of composition, good blow-out between us and a great party at the Bazar à Pierrot in Nancy on September 18th.

Next, we shall start a residence at the Escale in La Robertsau from October 19th. An intense week and a lot of work in perspective!

To finish, our last date of the year, it will be November 13th and we shall return to Schirmeck, to the repère more exactly.
For more information, it is here!

Max in the keyboard
No, that’s not gonna happen.

One thank to the 7éme art bar! We’ll meet with you soon in Nancy

On August 14th, we were very well welcomed in the 7th art bar. For proof, those who went to see a movie some time before were able to see that:

This spot was produced by Paul Gevrey and his team, thanks to them. Other projects are to come between 7th Room and this collective.

Next month, we shall be in Nancy in two opportunities :

  • Le clou s’entête September 5th
  • Le bazar à Pierrot September 18th

come here to see more

Let’s go to a new recording session

The mixing board
Connections OK, console OK, it left for 2 days of madness.


Back to recording for our first homemade EP!

Other more visual projects are soon going to bring out boxes… Moreover, if you go soon in cinemas to Dorlisheim, do not miss the advertisement! For the rest, we do not tell you more. Do not forget to follow our page facebook and in the meantime, we see you on August 14th in the 7ème art Bar to Dorlisheim.

Return on music festival


Hello everybody,

We were anxious to thank all those who came to saw us, whether it belongs to Molsheim, Niedernai or Schirmeck for the music festival. Our next concert will take place to Illkirch to the restaurant O’ Ricochet on July 11th. We wait for you numerous there to enjoy the warm atmosphere of the place.

You can find the photos of those three events on our galery page. After this date, we’ll take a small rest to come back healthy from the beginning of August. To know when we shall be near you, a visit our tour page will give you all the elements. Finally, if you want to invite us in your event, check our page partners.

See you soon!

After a first attempt

We were anxious to thank in particular the Phantom prod association for their reception as well as the groups which followed us, La poupée du loup, an open, eclectic and energetic French song, as well as Mr Duchmoll, resolutely more metallic. We do not forget the people having moved to Altkirch to see us.

photo du groupe

Et après ? We have a large number of dates before September. Enjoy the summer to spend a good moment with us. For more details, the page tour will allow you to see our next dates.

Keep it groovy.

Well done

Hello to you dear groove loving friends!

What’s new will you ask me?
And well, you are full inside (or above? Unless it is in front of)… Anyway, our Web site is officially online.
For this opportunity, 2 songs are from now available here or on our Facebook, give us your feedback.

And the best, we are happy to announce you our first concert organized by Phantom Productions.


Hope to see you soon !

The 7th Room